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Heath Disparities

Joshua L. Keller, PhD

Joshua L. Keller, PhD

Class of 2022
Fellowship Track

Personal Statement

Dr. Joshua Keller is currently applying his previous experiences and training of measuring vascular function and developing experiments focused on resistance training outcome variables to the application of discovering efficacious interventions capable of delaying, or perhaps even preventing, the onset of neurogenerative conditions such as Alzheimer's Disease, especially in midlife, minority populations. He is addressing this ambitious aim with a high-impact, multidisciplinary team of experts across his university system, which is located in the Gulf Coast Region and is composed of richly diverse community members who are in dire need of interventions related to preventing ADRD through improvement of various health disparities such as vascular function.

Current Role

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science


University of Cincinnati, BS

University of Dayton, MS

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, PhD

Research Areas of Interest

Vascular Function; Exercise; Resistance Training; Heath Disparities; Alzheimer's Disease; Cognition; Skeletal Muscle Function

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